Himitsu no Kankei: Sensei wa Doukyonin | ヒミツの関係〜先生は同居人〜 [2010]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 6 December 2011

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Himitsu no Kankei: Sensei wa Doukyonin | ヒミツの関係〜先生は同居人〜 (2010)

Genre: romance, comedy, mobile phone drama

Episodes: 13 (~10 min each)

Broadcast period: from 2010-Jul-1 to 2010-Sep-23

Cast: Kotaro Koizumi, Saki Fukuda, Eriko Sato, Akiyoshi Nakao, Sei Hiraizumi

Video: DVDrip

Another Bee TV drama.

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  1. The "More info" link breaks because of the tilde (~) character in the url. Try this one:

  2. Thanks saigo_x!

    Yeah, the link breaks, but I think it's because of the redirect plugin, it renders incorrectly those tilde in the url. Oh well, changed the link to other source.

  3. please

  4. hi! at last i'd found the link but its dead already..help me. i reaaly wanna watch this. do you know where else i can find this drama with endlish sub. thanks :)

  5. Hi, Do you think it would be possible to reshared the links?

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