Gokenin Zankuro 1st Season [1995]

Author: xaxa | Thursday, 29 September 2011

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Gokenin Zankuro | 御家人斬九郎 1995

Title: Gokenin Zankuro | 御家人斬九郎 1995

Genre: jidaigeki

Episodes: 8 (1st season)

Broadcast: from 1995-Jan-11 to 1995-Mar-1

Cast: Watanabe Ken, Kishida Kyoko, Wakamura Mayumi, Masuoka Tooru

A jidaigeki series based on a novel by Renzaburo Shibata and starring Ken Watanabe.

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  1. Аноним | 2011-09-29 в 14:02:56

    omg thank you so much!! =D great work!!

  2. I'll watch anything with Ken Watanabe in it! Arigatou!!

  3. Hi,

    Is it possible to transfer "Gokenin Zankuro" in Mega server? multi-upload is no longer available.

    Thank you!


  4. Jidaigekifan | 2017-08-19 в 18:27:07

    If anyone could re-upload these seasons eventually, I'd be very greatful! Keb Watanabe is probably my favorite Japanese actor other than the late Toshiro Mifune. :) Doumo arigatou!

  5. Ken* oops that typo >_

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