Gakuen Jouhoubu H.I.P. | ガクエン情報部H.I.P. [1987]

Author: xaxa | Sunday, 22 July 2012

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Gakuen Jouhoubu H.I.P. | ガクエン情報部H.I.P. (1987)

Genre: Action, comedy, drama

Episodes: 1, special

Broadcast period: 1987/09/21

Video: 480x360 DivX5.0.2

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  1. Unfortunately I couldn't find any info on Gakuen Jouhoubu H.I.P. in English, just a short blurb for the manga.

    I've uploaded a few misc SP's to the same folder:

    Rokugatsu no Sakura (JP)

    Ikitemo ii - Himawari no Saku Ie

    True Love

    Fly Me To The Moon

  2. Reuploaded


  3. thanx

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