Fuyuzora ni Tsuki wa Kagayaku | 冬空に月は輝く [2004]

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Fuyuzora ni Tsuki wa Kagayaku | 冬空に月は輝く 2004

Title in English: Fly Me to the Moon

Genre: drama

Episodes: 1, special

Broadcast period: 2004.02.11.

Cast: Ayase Haruka, Sato Megumi, Sawajiri Erika

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  1. Reuploaded


  2. can u please upload the subtitle ^^

  3. could u please upload the eng sub for this movie? i've been looking for days, but didn't find any :(

  4. probably because they don't exist

  5. I've search everywhere but no eng subs what a pity :(

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