Coach [1996]

Author: xaxa | Sunday, 18 September 2011

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COACH | コーチ 1996

Title: COACH | コーチ

Genre: drama

Episodes: 12 + special

Broadcast: from 1996-Jul-04 to 1996-Sep-19

Cast: Asano Atsuko, Tamaki Koji, Suzuki Anju, Ishida Junichi, Nishimura Masahiko

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  1. Thank you, this is a favourite of mine! I never expected quality rips to come out. You've really made my weekend.

  2. Thanks! I wanted to watch this since I found out about it years ago.

  3. last week's file is broken. incomplete half or less.

    you can watch that in youtube.






    thank you.

  4. You are right. And the special too -_-;

    I'll re-upload them.

  5. Re-upoaded, thanks for informing me.

  6. Не сложилось у меня с rapisdhare. Скорость загрузки просто ужасная. Уж не знаю почему. Качат отттуда отлично.

    Перезалил сюда.

    Ep 01


  7. Avallach,

    я обычно сразу 5 файлов загружаю, тогда суммарная скорость будет около 1mb/s, а так да, всего где-то по 200kb/s

    спасибо за ссылки, добавил!

  8. ep12 File not found.

  9. Reuploading to Mega. Will upload the SP later.


  10. Coach SP1.part1.rar (200.0 MB)


  11. I think corrupted version is uploaded for EP12 and SP (video is very choppy for those episodes)

  12. @8thSin

    I had not watched the episodes myself, but I verified my files with the torrent Avallac'h uploaded to D-Addicts. I also see the choppiness in ep12 and the SP files. The original verions posted by xaxa were corrupt, but he released the new versions that are split into multiple parts. Interestingly no one in Avallac'h's torrent comments page or in this post mention the choppiness in the new versions of ep12 and the SP. Maybe xaxa or someone who downloaded the new versions can clear things up?

  13. I dunno, it should be fine as it's a new version by Avallac'h.

  14. English subtitles not work

  15. works without https. fixed the link

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