Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • KKYU 03-02-2018 01:45


  • Wozzy 05-07-2016 03:54

    Subtitles at the above link are now complete, in one fabulous convenient zip file too! Yay! Thanks to everyone here and at daddicts!!

  • xaxa 14-01-2016 20:02

    works for me. try different browser maybe.

  • Anonymous 14-01-2016 19:43

    Hello, adfly says:"Sorry the link has been deleted". Any chance to reupload it?

    Thanks anyway for all the great work that you do

  • xaxa 02-04-2014 22:18

    it is available now.

  • saigo_x 31-03-2014 21:37


    The "Temporary error" problems are common on Mega. Try again later today or tomorrow. Usually they last a day at most.

  • Anonymous 31-03-2014 11:34 cant be downloaded. always stays at "Temporary error,retrying"

  • xaxa 25-09-2013 10:21

    cengizhan, works now.

  • cengizhan 15-09-2013 23:56 cant be downloaded. always stays at %0