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Asunaro Hakusho | あすなろ白書 (1993)

Author: xaxa | Friday, 24 July 2015

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Asunaro Hakusho | あすなろ白書 (1993)

Genre: drama, romance

Episodes: 11

Broadcast period: 1993-Oct-11 to 1993-Dec-20

Cast: Ishida Hikari, Tsutsui Michitaka, Kimura Takuya, Suzuki Anju, Nishijima Hidetoshi

More info

Video: DVDrip, 704x480, avi.

Episodes 1-3 have English hardsub, the rest are RAW.

English subtitles for all episodes are here.

BUY Asunaro Hakusho DVD-BOX

01-02 http://sh.st/c56IM

03-04 http://sh.st/c56I2

05 http://sh.st/c56I3

06 http://sh.st/c56I4

07 http://sh.st/c56I5

08 http://sh.st/c56I6

09 http://sh.st/c56I7

10 http://sh.st/c56I8

11 http://sh.st/c56I9

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  1. Please fix link for all episode data empty. Thank you very much

  2. everything works. look how to download in Download section


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