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Akai Shougeki [1976]

Author: xaxa | Wednesday, 13 April 2011

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Akai Shougeki 1976

Title: 赤い衝撃, Akai Shougeki, Red Shock

Duration: 29 episodes

Genre: Drama, romance

Broadcast network: TBS

Broadcast period: 1976-Nov-5 - 1977-May-27

Cast: Yamaguchi Momoe, Miura Tomokazu

Related dramas: Akai Giwaku, Akai Shinsen


One of the classic "Akai" series with Yamaguchi Momoe and her husband Miura Tomokazu.

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Thanks to saigo_x for the links!

01.part1.rar 300.0 MB

01.part2.rar 111.0 MB

02.part1.rar 300.0 MB

02.part2.rar 111.0 MB

03.part1.rar 300.0 MB

03.part2.rar 110.9 MB

04.part1.rar 300.0 MB

04.part2.rar 110.9 MB

05.part1.rar 300.0 MB

05.part2.rar 111.2 MB

06.part1.rar 300.0 MB

06.part2.rar 111.0 MB

07.part1.rar 300.0 MB

07.part2.rar 111.0 MB

08.part1.rar 300.0 MB

08.part2.rar 111.0 MB

09.part1.rar 300.0 MB

09.part2.rar 111.0 MB

10.part1.rar 300.0 MB

10.part2.rar 110.9 MB

11.part1.rar 300.0 MB

11.part2.rar 111.0 MB

12.part1.rar 300.0 MB

12.part2.rar 111.0 MB

13.part1.rar 300.0 MB

13.part2.rar 111.0 MB

14.part1.rar 300.0 MB

14.part2.rar 110.9 MB

15.part1.rar 300.0 MB

15.part2.rar 111.2 MB

16.part1.rar 300.0 MB

16.part2.rar 111.1 MB

17.part1.rar 300.0 MB

17.part2.rar 111.7 MB

18.part1.rar 300.0 MB

18.part2.rar 110.9 MB

19.part1.rar 300.0 MB

19.part2.rar 111.3 MB

20.part1.rar 300.0 MB

20.part2.rar 111.3 MB

21.part1.rar 300.0 MB

21.part2.rar 111.7 MB

22.part1.rar 300.0 MB

22.part2.rar 111.5 MB

23.part1.rar 300.0 MB

23.part2.rar 111.4 MB

24.part1.rar 300.0 MB

24.part2.rar 111.3 MB

25.part1.rar 300.0 MB

25.part2.rar 111.5 MB

26.part1.rar 300.0 MB

26.part2.rar 111.3 MB

27.part1.rar 300.0 MB

27.part2.rar 111.0 MB

28.part1.rar 300.0 MB

28.part2.rar 111.3 MB


29.part1.rar 300.0 MB

29.part2.rar 111.5 MB
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  1. Reuploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  2. asnizu endimion takayama | 2014-04-22 в 06:29:31

    admin Akau Shougeki Episode 21.part2 is broken (Temporary error)....could you re-upload again/repair it...please

  3. I would like these

    admin Akau Shougeki Episode 5.part2 and 28.part2 is broken (Temporary error)....could you re-upload again/repair it...please

  4. @susa

    This is another one of my uploads. I'll add it to the list of reuploads. Please be patient as I was already working on other uploads.

  5. Thank you ...Admin.

    I look forward to it.

  6. @susa

    Episode 5.part2 and 28.part2 are working again. I never even got a chance to reupload.

  7. Thanks a lot...saigo_x

    Really complete collection.

    I was satisfied.

  8. admin Akau Shougeki Episode 28.part2 is broken (Temporary error)....could you re-upload again/repair it...please

  9. works for me. made a backup, but usually if there is a temporary error, you just need to wait some time before the link will work again

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