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Akai Shisen [1980]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 13 June 2011

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赤い死線 / Akai Shisen 1980

Title: 赤い死線 / Akai Shisen / Red Verge of Death

Genre: drama

Episode: 1

Broadcast period: November 7, 1980

Cast: Yamaguchi Momoe, Miura Tomokazu

Related dramas: Akai Giwaku, Akai Shougeki



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Comments: 4
  1. Yamaguchi Momoe.....

    She is one of the show business legends in Japan. The most famous singer/actress of post WW2.

    And not turn her head back after she married with Tomokazu Miura in 1980.

    So this's her last movie.

  2. has been closed!! Please change links!! I really want to see this movie.

  3. hxxp://

  4. Asnizu Endimion Takayama | 2015-03-13 в 14:22:25

    Admin....Help me please. I can't download this film.

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