Akai Shisen [1980]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 13 June 2011

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赤い死線 / Akai Shisen 1980

Title: 赤い死線 / Akai Shisen / Red Verge of Death

Genre: drama

Episode: 1

Broadcast period: November 7, 1980

Cast: Yamaguchi Momoe, Miura Tomokazu

Related dramas: Akai Giwaku, Akai Shougeki

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  1. Yamaguchi Momoe.....

    She is one of the show business legends in Japan. The most famous singer/actress of post WW2.

    And not turn her head back after she married with Tomokazu Miura in 1980.

    So this's her last movie.

  2. Miltiupload.com has been closed!! Please change links!! I really want to see this movie.

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  4. Asnizu Endimion Takayama | 2015-03-13 в 14:22:25

    Admin....Help me please. I can't download this film.

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