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Abunai Houkago [1999]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 12 April 2011

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Abunai Houkago

Title: あぶない放課後, Abunai Hokago, Dangerous After School

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 11

Broadcast period: 1999-Apr-12 to 1999-Jun-21

Cast: Ninomiya Kazunari, Shibutani Subaru, Kato Ai, Mizukawa Asami, Yamaguchi Morihiro

More info: *ttp://

Thanks to saigo_x for the links.

01.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

01.part2.rar (169.5 MB)

02.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

02.part2.rar (173.3 MB)

03.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

03.part2.rar (175.9 MB)

04.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

04.part2.rar (176.1 MB)

05.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

05.part2.rar (176.8 MB)

06.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

06.part2.rar (300.0 MB)

06.part3.rar (41.1 MB)

07.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

07.part2.rar (248.9 MB)

08.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

08.part2.rar (219.5 MB)

09.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

09.part2.rar (162.7 MB)

10.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

10.part2.rar (139.1 MB)

11.part1.rar (300.0 MB)

11.part2.rar (145.0 MB)
Comments: 2
  1. Wow!! nino&subaru;!!

    But the links are dead, could you re-upload this drama, please??

    thank you

    and thanks for such a great website!!!!

  2. Same version as the torrent on D-Addicts.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

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