Abunai Deka Movie | 危ない刑事 [1987]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 3 September 2013

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Abunai Deka Movie | 危ない刑事 1987

Title in English: Dangerous Cops / Dangerous Detectives

Genre: police drama

Release Date: 12 December 1987

Director: Yasuharu Hasebe

Cast: Hiroshi Tachi, Kyouhei Shibata

Video: DVD-RIP, mkv, h264

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  1. Avallac#039;h | 2013-09-03 в 14:55:24

    А почему RAW?

    К первым двум фильмам я субтитры выдирал почти два года назад.

    На ADC я выкладывал все остальные фильмы серии.

  2. хм, я не в курсе совсем. поделился тем, что скинули. на ADC я не заходил уже, наверное... уже даже и не помню, как давно))

  3. Would be great to see complete TV series one day. Abunai Deka (1986-1987) and Motto Abunai Deka (1988-1989). But it's quite a lot of episodes and hard to find unless one has the box sets.

  4. By the way, forgot to mention, I have... Mostly low quality tho.

    ABUNAI DEKA (11 of 51)

    #02-04, 16-17, 20, 36, 38-39, 43 & 48.

    MOTTO ABUNAI DEKA (14 of 25)

    #01-02, 04-06, 08, 10-11, 16-20 & 23-24.

    Perhaps with some help we could collect missing episodes, and eventually complete the series'.

  5. I may lay my hands on the DVDs of both seasons in the near future, so I suggest to wait a little.

  6. Best news I have heard in a while. Excellent! Thanks xaxa.

  7. Thanks Xara! :D

  8. Hello,

    This link doesn't work anymore

  9. Please, please, reupload the movie!

  10. I don't have it anymore

  11. I uploaded Abunai Deka Movie to Mega.


  12. thanks a lot, added to the post!

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