3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi-sensei 5 and 8 Specials

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 28 June 2011

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Thanks you very much iJoel for the links!

There are 2 specials: Making of 5th season of Kinpachi-sensei and the last 12th 4 hour long special, which run after 8th season.

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  1. Are they eng subbed??

    The last one is the special that Okamoto keito appeared??


  2. Are they eng subbed??

    No, they are RAWs.

    The last one is the special that Okamoto keito appeared??

    It appears so, but I haven't watched it yet.

  3. To Lk,

    Yes. Okamoto Keito appeared in this Final Special because he's the main cast of the last 3B. And acted with lots of ex-3B graduates. Specially with Masahiko kondō, the first generation of 3B, a a senior artist of Johnny's Inc, now a director of this giant male artists' business in Japan.

    And Okamoto Keito's father also appeared as a 3B student in Special 4.

  4. Thanks xaxa and iJoel!

    I'm going to look for subs again >.

  5. Hi! Do you know where I can find english subs for that special with Okamoto??


  6. Nowhere I guess

  7. rpz nao da pra tu botar ai a legenda em ingles oou portuques ?

  8. The Final SP links are not working properly.. :S I really want to see the Final SP. Hope you can re-upload it.

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