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3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi-sensei 1st Special (1982)

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Title: 3年B組金八先生スペシャル1「贈る言葉」 / 3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi-sensei Special 1 [1982]

Well, found the first special of Kinpachi-sensei. There are 12 specials in total and I don't have the rest. If you have them, please share.


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  • nyaa 13-09-2014 18:24

    u can get all sp files from torrent.

  • iJoel 16-06-2011 13:45

    Thank you very much for the earlier specials!

    I also believe that the longer episodes (which is around 100 minutes) are the specials since the Season 5 started.

  • xaxa 16-06-2011 13:19

    Hi Joel!

    Thanks a lot for the help!

    I've already found 2nd and 3rd specials and ripped 11th, but haven't uploaded them yet. I'll do it in the near future. I think specials, that were in 3rd and 5th seasons topics are also ones of those 12. I just need to check their title and release date. It will make 7 out of 12, I guess.

  • iJoel 16-06-2011 12:05

    This is i-Joel again.

    Besides the Finale (Special 12), I'll try to search the other Special features. I'll be back to this article if I find some more.

  • Anonym 16-06-2011 12:00

    Hello again! Thank you for the uploading of Special 1.

    And I just find the Finale of the Special 12. The very last one which broadcasted in 27 March, 2011. And this is the url:

    Only mp4 format found. Can play by Realplayer. And I think it has no Japanese subtitle found.