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About project "Restoration"

Author: xaxa | Sunday, 10 April 2011

What is a project "Restoration"?

The main purpose of this project is to popularize or to "restore" lesser known old and/or rare doramas and movies, which need more love <3 Everything that is hard to get (be it old or recent rare titles) or of a better quality than a previous widespread version is a subject of this project.

The other purpose is to provide video files not only for watching, but for possible further subbing. Fansubbers, classics need you!

ANY help is appreciated!

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Comments: 173
  1. gaijinnosekai | 2011-12-03 в 21:25:34

    All I can say is Thank you x a million!! I absolutely love classic drama :)

    If you havent seen it I really recommend 'kimi ga uso wo tsuita.'

  2. Yeah, Kimi ga Uso wo Tsuita is one of my favorities too.

  3. gaijinnosekai | 2011-12-13 в 01:59:34

    Omg, I just noticed you uploaded it, thanks sooooo much :)

  4. Hi! I am looking for futarikko. it's an asadora. Do you have it? thanks in advance =)

  5. No, I don't have it.

  6. Hi all,

    Any ideas on where to get Dokuganryu Masamune with Watanabe Ken? My wife and I are watching some older dramas (enjoying Oregon kara Ai atm) and have been scouring all over to find this epic series. RAW is perfectly fine. Thanks for all your great work!

  7. Sorry, I don't have Dokuganryu Masamune.

  8. Moataz seada | 2011-12-28 в 08:40:00

    Greetings from Egypt , thank you for all your rare uploads

    I just want to ask about better version of the popular drama [ 光とともに Hikari to Tomo ni ] 2004

    all the available version are hard-subbed with low resolution

    if it possible to provide raw [704x396] version or even [640x480], I would be grateful

    because this drama means alot to me

    Mo'taz ♥

  9. Hi!

    I'll make a DVDrip in a couple of days. The resolution most probably will be 640x480, because it's a standard DVDrip resolution.

  10. Moataz seada | 2011-12-29 в 15:09:43

    Words can't express my gratitude and appreciation ;'( , BIG THANK YOU ^_^


  11. hi,anyone have tange sazen from tv serie,let me know please

    and thanks



  12. Isn't that a character? Can you be more specific?

  13. yes that a character name tange sazen but i want the tv serie

    let me know



  14. Megaupload was shut down by the Feds today. It's a good thing you were moving to FileServe hehe. Unfortunately that means we lost a ton of uploads...

  15. Yeah, I'd say we've lost almost everything T_T... And who knows how long will other file sharing sites live...

    Maybe that's the end of the world mayans were talking about?))

  16. Damn, looks like there is no need for a megaupload-account anymore :(

  17. LOL, yeah))

  18. Coming of age | 2012-01-20 в 17:37:05

    Thank you very much , for all series you provided without any condition , Nowsaday , it's very difficult to find them, even we could buy DVD , extra shipping expense would cost us a much by later,Do you have a series called Azuka kumi , Kwai , Koi no paradise or this movie House (1977) , Hikarasan ga toru?

  19. No, I don't have those titles, but you can find House in lots of places. For example at these trackers: http://www.asiatorrents.com/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=133651790504ba8bbf92fcdc3f9130fea9ae74f8 or http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3392704 (need registration to download)

  20. Coming of age | 2012-01-23 в 18:56:15

    Thank you very much XaXa, I'll try , Anyway, FileServe can only be used to download and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally. What happen to File serve? , it was same problem as Mega Upload? It 's so strange , Why rapid share and deposit file never happened like these?

  21. Coming of age | 2012-01-23 в 19:13:01

    Also same as Hotfile , Uploading , Might be? Upload place provider 's name implied somethiing hidding inside?That's why, there's no any problem for rapid share and Deposit file?

  22. Coming of age,

    yes, all DDL sites except very few are changing their policies right now due to Megaupload incident. You can read about it here: http://raredoramas.info/page/megaupload-links-are-dead

  23. Coming of age | 2012-01-23 в 19:26:18

    Oh !,wupload also same as Rapid share and Deposit file, I think multi upload is the best , but you have to check everyday , When some of them was shut down by........?

  24. Coming of age | 2012-01-23 в 22:36:56

    Yes, I 've read them before but Why ? there 's no any problem in some website?

  25. DDL sites are making restrictions and deleting content because of Megaupload. They fear that due to illegal content on their servers, feds will close them and arrest just like Megaupload.

  26. Moataz Seada | 2012-02-23 в 21:23:16

    XaXa and other great members ,

    could someone provide links for DVDrip version of the jdorama :

    [ブラックジャックによろしく / Hello Black Jack] 2003 ?

    the only available copy of this great drama is of HORRIBLE quality :'(

    and I promise to make hotfile premium links for them on my account , to re-upload them to anyone who request them in the future whenever the links are down .

    I am still feel like I need to [thank you ] one more time for [Hikari to tomo ni ] drama

    Moataz , Egypt

  27. Interesting site to have.

    Only thing I'm looking for is SP 警視庁警護課Ⅱ /SP Keishicho Keigoka II, which was televised by TV Asahi last week. Also same for SP ~警視庁警護課 /SP Keishicho Keigoka if a 1280x780 resolution is available around here. Pretty rare considering that these are TV specials that are aired once a year IIRC.

    Thanks for having Sukeban Deka. Trying to get some time to watch when I can.

  28. Hi!

    Is there any chance to re-upload Kodomo, hoshii ne?

    Maybe it's down everywhere now because they made some kind of data comparison with megaupload... it's really sad what they've been doing lately. :(

  29. Hi, it's a great site!! There is one thing I wanted to know.Do you have the drama Kimi no Te ga Sasayaite iru?

  30. nope

  31. Mike Daniels | 2012-09-22 в 20:40:03

    I've posted at ALL the former "Japanese" & "Korean" TV Drama websites, including D-Addicts, but unfortunately, the U.S. Government has chosen to destroy these sites (as well as my GIGABYTES of Dramas!)

    Now, I've happened upon this web portal and reading comments from people STILL searching for TV Dramas that I have (K&J) like: "1 million roses"(k), "Inochi" (j), "Age of Warriors" (j), "Terms of Endearment"(k), "Tobuga Gotoku"(j), "Kasuga no Tsubone" (j); etc...

    I would LOVE to share these TV Doramas (Dramas) and DOWNLOAD Dramas I don't have, myself, but I am still trying to figure out the way this Web portal is configured?!!

    ..FINALLY, I would like to find out WHICH filesharing sites preferred by MAJORITY of members, I hope it isn't BiTTorrents? (too slow & depends on PEOPLE "sticking around (seeders)")..I use RAPIDSHARE since it is the ONLY reliable site left!!...does anyone know??

    Thanks for listening, ALL~!!

    Mike "Spikefromnyc" Daniels

  32. Hi, Mike!

    It is great that you are willing to contribute and share dramas!

    Initially I was the only uploader, but now there is a few people who is helping. I could make a registration and grant permission to uploaders to admin area, but I guess it will only make posting harder for them, so for now the only thing they need to do is to send me links to uploaded dramas and I would make a post (with uploader's credits of course).

    As for preferred sharing option - it is completely up to uploader. Any method of sharing is totally fine. I think one of the best options nowadays is Mediafire. But if you decide to share on Rapidshare, I think it is best to split files to smaller parts, because of their download speed restriction to only 30 kb/s

  33. Hello.

    First, thank you for all your rare and great uploads. Sorry but I want to ask about these two files. Do you have "Nihon Chinbotsu [1974-75]" and

    "Shiroi Kiba [1974]"? Especially "Shiroi Kiba" is the clip that I find it desperately. Even I buy this series DVD, no commercial sites have this title's DVD. So I find it at your site's download list, I am raptures of happiness. But at the link, it doesn't exist. I think it has been removed. If you still have "Shiroi Kiba", can you guys reupload this series at FSS tracker? If you re-uploaded this series, I can't express my gratitude and appreciation!

    Thanks to reading it:)

  34. Sorry, I don't have them anymore.

  35. I hope it's ok to ask here... I'm looking for a drama Face with Takahashi Katsunori and Nakama Yukie. It's from 2001, but seems pretty rare. Any traces of it around?

  36. @sara

    Face ~Mishiranu Koibito~ [FACE~見知らぬ恋人~] is available on Clubbox. It looks to be split into 3 800MB+ parts with 3 episodes per file. There are also Korean SMI subtitles.

  37. @saigo_x

    Thank you very much for information, I'll try to create clubbox account and download it then. :)

    I don't really have any rare or old dramas stored, but will gladly help uploading working ones to another hosts to keep them alive. ^^

  38. @sara

    You're welcome. If you want to share Face with us I'm sure some people would appreciate it.

  39. @ saigo_x

    Sadly clubbox software doesn't seem to work for me, guess I'll look for it elsewhere. :(

  40. @sara

    Sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately I can't help you out with it since I have so many other things already on my list for Clubbox.

  41. It's perfectly fine. :) I won't give up and will try to find reason why it keeps crashing on me... I checked dramas on my back up and found following titles with english subs:

    Aunaro Hakusho (1993)

    Cheap Love (1999)

    Koori no Sekai (1999)

    Love and Eros (1998)

    Mahiru no Tsuki (1996)

    Meguri Ai (1998)

    Nemureru Mori (1998)

    Pure (1996)

    Shiroi Kage (2001)

    They're not very rare or super old so I'm not sure if they fit site profile, but since I have fairly good connection and use seedbox anyway I could upload them anytime if it's ok.

  42. Since clubbox has some rare doramas and its awfully slow (even with quickdownload) it would be a good idea to split the traffic and allocate the downloads to a small group of downloaders. We could make a list of downloads and work on it all together...

    Just wishful thinking :D

  43. sara,

    thanks for the help offering! I think it's best to re-seed (or make a new torrent) those dramas on d-addicts. they are not exatly rare, but still I think many would want to download them. I could make an announcement here, if you decide to seed them.

  44. Thanks to xaxa and saigo_x for posting these great and rare doramas and I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to ask about hard to find doramas. I've been searching for a dorama called 親愛なる者へ (Shinai naru mono e) and I missed out on recording it back when it aired in the US on the International Channel sometime around 1997-1998.

    Is there anyone that would know where I can find this dorama? Thanks in advanced to anyone that has the answer to this question.

  45. @RetroHelix

    I guess I missed your post about teaming up on Clubbox downloads. I've been trying to rescue some of the older stuff posted on here, as well as the older dramas uploaded to D-Addicts recently. Lately I've been mostly downloading via torrent because Clubbox speeds have gone to crap in the last few months. I mentioned when Megaupload was taken down that clubboxes like Kangjegu have some of the files posted here by xaxa. If you want to work something out I can put together a list fo the stuff I've downloaded so far? Maybe some other people will want to jump onboard to.

  46. Yeah, best speed I get with CB is around 20kb/s using milagepoints changes nothing...

    Could you write me a pm over at DA to get into detail please. I like to help out :)

  47. I've managed to download some of the series xaxa posted on D-Addicts and will begin reuploading them to Mega soon. While I may post one or two new things I will be focusing my efforts on reuploading series that were lost when Megaupload was taken down.

  48. Great news, zillion thanks as always, saigo! I think I'll reupload some of the stuff too, but need to clean the HDD first.

  49. @xaxa

    Ah cool, that would be great. I'll send you the list of stuff I already have so we don't uplaod the same files.

  50. Oops, I used your name above hehe. I'm going to upload Toki o Kakeru Shojo 1994 since you asked me for that a long time ago. They are a mix of resolutions that a got off WinMX long ago. I can reuplaod any of the following:

    Abunai Houkago (1999)

    Akuma no Kiss (1993)

    Beach Boys (1997)

    Half Potato na Oretachi (1985)

    Hitoribocchi no Kimi ni (1998)

    Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru (1989)

    Kinyoubi no Tsumatachi e 2 (1984)

    Koi no Katamichi Kippu (1997)

    Koukou Kyoushi (1993)

    Nerawareta Gakuen (1982)

    Night Head (1992)

    Ohima Nara Kite yo ne! (1987)

    Seikimatsu no Uta (1998)

    Shoujo Commando Izumi (1987)

    Yomigaeru Kinrou (1999)

    Zutto Anata ga Sukidatta (1992)

    I am currently downloading Oretachi no Kunshou (1975), Kinyoubi no Tsumatachi e 3 (1985), and Rocket Boy (2001).

  51. My list (needs to be checked for rareness first, if you know where they are easily available now please tell):

    Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama (1,2)

    Aishiatteru kai!

    Kaiju Ouji

    Kimi ga Uso wo Tsuita

    Hiatari Ryoukou!

    101st Marriage Proposal

    Suteki na Kataomoi

    Aishiatteru kai!

    Keitai Deka Zenigata Ai

    Aishiteiru To Itte Kure

    29-sai no Christmas

    Ai to iu Na no moto ni




  52. @xaxa

    You already uploaded Hiatari Ryoukou! to Mega. Don't worry about any of the Keitai Deka Zenigata series, I can handle any requests for those. 101st Marriage Proposal and Pure were never uploaded here but they are available on D-Addicts so are probably low priority. Aishiteiru To Itte Kure is also available on D-Addicts and might possibly be found for DDL somewhere along with Pure. Personally I'd love to get Aishiatteru kai! and Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama.

    If no one requests something I'll probably start with Half Potato na Oretachi after Toki o Kakeru Shojo.

  53. Avallac#039;h | 2013-05-31 в 13:54:53

    По возможности, перезалей пожалкйста Ai to iu Na no moto ni.

    А то ДВД-рип так больше нигде и появился.

    На D-Addicts и в клаббоксе только кассетный рип.

  54. Just thought I'd let you guys know that JPDDL still has a few working links for some of the series that were lost. So far I've found: Fuufu, Hakuouki, KissxKissxKiss, L et M, Terauchi Kantarou Ikka 2, and Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari. Looks like only the Rapidgator links survived for all of them, except Terauchi Kantarou Ikka 2 which also has working Bitshare links. I'm currently trying to download Terauchi Kantarou Ikka 2 and Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari using the free/slow download option.

  55. Hello. Was wondering if anyone knew where one could get "boku ga boku de aru tame ni" and "29th Christmas"? Been trying for a while now to get those, especially "29th Christmas." Thanks. Also, really appreciate the efforts everyone is making to restore those older dramas. Many dramas listed here are before my time of drama watching, but I have benefitted greatly from your work (such as "Akuma no Kiss"). Thank you.

  56. Do you by any chance have Handoku/Half-Doctor?

    The only links i've found are to dead torrents. Thank you and thank you for having such a good site.

  57. I don't think it's rare. You can download it from here http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3994995, for example.

  58. !!!

    Thank you for the links, I didn't realize it wasn't considered rare.

  59. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Kimi_no_Tame_ni_Dekiru_Koto


    please dont say google has it....

  60. not sure about the first one, but Nemureru Mori - yes, google has it. you can download it from here http://rutracker.org/forum/tracker.php?f=2104&nm=nemureru+mori for example.

  61. @malkistABON

    Nemureru Mori is available on D-addicts. Just search for Sleeping Forest. I myself have the JTV hardsubs (http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_43198.htm) if you need seeding help.

  62. I have low quality (quite much so) of Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto. Episode 8 is partial but other than that it is a complete series.

  63. @xaxa


    Thank's for your information..

  64. @zemus

    where can i download it?

  65. @malkistABON

    Nowhere as far as I know. It's on my HDD. I might post it to D-Addicts later if I have time. If you are okay with low quality video that is.

  66. I'm looking for "Nijiko no bouken." Thanks in advance. BTW thanks for all your hard work in uploading these great old doramas.

  67. Hi, I hope you can upload more asadoras, if you have them. Would you happen to have Tsubasa (2009)?

  68. If you are able, please upload Maid Deka (2009) series.

  69. Thank You, this website is amazing, like dream come true !

  70. sumimasen, ...

    does anybody know about some possibility to download this old movie?:

    "Wakare no chatsumi-uta" (“A Teapicker’s Song of Goodbye”), 1957, dir.Honda Ishiro.

    yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

  71. Pleeeaaase, please, onegaishimasu

    ...this seems to be pretty rare 2007+2009 TBS dorama but with famous actors (e.g. Takeda Tetsuya): 夫婦道 (Fuufudo / The Perfect Path for Two) http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Fufudo

    ... can anybody upload it? or at least give some advice where to obtain it (incl. buy DVD...)

    Probably, I can not live without it (T_T). Tasuketeeee

  72. hitoribocchi no kimini12.part2.rar of can not be downloaded

    What should I do now?

  73. Hello there :)

    Do you have Asadora Tsubasa and Teppan? would love to be able to watch those two doramas

  74. Teppan has been re seeded plenty of times on D-Addicts in recent times. You might actually be able to download it from there if you try. Tsubasa is however more difficult. :(

  75. Thank you for uploading Teppan! I have a little bit of problems with the torrent because it just won't download. Aww, I would love to have Tsubasa D:

    If you have Akihabara@Deep that would be awesome too :)

  76. Me too, would love to see Tsubasa. I have been trying to download it for the past months without success and no response for a seed. Only got week 1.

  77. Hi.. Thank you so much for creating the restoration project. Btw, do you have Yoiko no Mikata (2003) by any chance? Thanks.

  78. Hello, I am just wondering. Do you have Haikei, Chichiue-sama? Been looking for this one for a while. Anyway, thank you for this project.

  79. @erika

    Yoiko no Mikata was probably translated by people around aibakaland.forumup.org (?) and you can easily find some not so good copy on some controversial streaming sites ...

    (the same source is for Haikei, Chichiue-sama)

  80. Hello.

    Do you have Change!(1998)?



    D-addict Tracker showing 0 seed...

  81. nope, sorry.

  82. Thanks for the great site! I've been enjoying some rare stuff I could never find before.

    Know anywhere to get the Edogawa Rampo Beauty Series(raw)? I found some bits a pieces around but not much luck.

  83. Please, can someone mirroring this to any FH or MEGA..


    i'm desperate want to watch this..

    dareka, tasukete

  84. Ah Doo Byung | 2014-11-30 в 09:27:46

    excuse me...

    anybody have MUKODONO (2001)>>http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Mukodonohttp://wiki.d-addicts.com/Taiyou_wa_shizumanai

  85. Hi

    I am looking for Dondo Bare(2007).

    it's an asadora.


    D-addict Tracker showing 0 seed

    Can anybody tell me where to download?

    thanks in advance =)

  86. dokidokisukinihongo | 2014-12-18 в 21:46:07

    Hello everyone, well maybe is one mistake from me...but I don`t know what is wrong with the link ep 1, part 2 of ( Ano Hi no Boku wo Sagashite)

    Mega show me one windows and say ''Enter decryption key'' that I don`t know.

    Somebody can help me? thank you :)

  87. @dokidokisukinihongo

    Mega is currently having problems. Please wait a day or two while the problems are resolved on their end.

  88. @dokidokisukinihongo

    I just checked Ano Hi no Boku wo Sagashite ep1.part2 and it is working again.

  89. Hi!

    Thank you for sharing old dramas.I really appreciate it.

    I have several dramas that I have uploaded to MEGA.

    High School Rakugaaki/はいすくーる落書き ( 1989 )

    Kishibe no Album/岸辺のアルバム ( 1977 )

    Oyako Zigzag/親子ジグザグ ( 1987 )

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  90. wow, thank you very much for the links, jdraclct!

    made posts for those dramas.

  91. Hi Ivan

    i restored the old TV Show "man from atlantis". I included multi audio tracks (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, german, Chinese) in mkv format 9coded h264). I´m uploading it in torrent sites. One of those are in http://extratorrent.cc/torrent/4048850/Man+from+atlantis+DVDRip+(Multi+Audio).html

    The info hash of the torrent is 5CECCF57FA366436583F2B6F052E12943C99CA72

  92. @jdraclct

    Awesome! I had a few episodes of High School Rakugaki and Oyako Zigzag that I got off WinMX long ago. I finally get to have them complete. Now I just have to free up some space hehe.

  93. guga, thanks, but it's not Japanese. or even Asian.

  94. Hi xaxa. It is in asian language too (completed). I restored it in multi audio (several tracks), including chinese. i can try find the japanese dub, but i´ll need the japanese name of the series (written in ideograms, kanji/hiragana and not only the translated english name to japanese)

  95. I guess i found a site containing 4 episodes in japanese, buit, i´m not being able to download it, neither find the poroper torrent for it. It contains the hs code, but i can´t find the files.


  96. @jdraclct

    Any chance of getting somekind of verification files(CRC/SFV, MD5, etc) for your uploads?

  97. @saigo_x

    Sorry I don't have any of those files.

  98. Hi. Thanks for your work here and at other sites.

    I uploaded Tsuhan Man (2002) aka Shopping Hero to MEGA. Even though it's a low quality VHSrip w/hardsubs, it is a well written and enjoyable comedy that I'd hate to see disappear.

    Join hash with https://mega.co.nz/


    I hope it's OK to put the link in the comments. Thanks again.

  99. mr_oni,

    that hash works only for you. you need to copy a "shared" hash (share folder or file).

  100. https://mega.co.nz/(join with the hashes below)


    Hi, I just realized that too. Here's the shared hash.

  101. mr_oni

    thank you very much! made a post.

  102. Thanks. I wasn't able to upload it to Asia Torrents because of the LQ rip. I'm glad it found a home!

  103. Hi! I uploaded BORDER | ボーダー犯罪心理捜査ファイル ( 1999 )

    29sai no Yuutsu Paradise Thirty | 29歳の憂うつ パラダイス サーティー ( 2000 ) to MEGA

    BORDER | ボーダー犯罪心理捜査ファイル ( 1999 ) RAW

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  104. That's some great uploads. Thanks jdraclct. I was actually trying to find a copy of "Border" the other month too.

  105. Hi, I re-uploaded week 17-2 of Teppan that was giving the decryption error. xaxa, if possible can you re-upload it to the original folder. In the mean time, others can get it below.

  106. mr_oni,

    thanks a lot! re-uploaded it to my folder.

  107. Hi, I was wondering if you will be uploading Mare (2015) (asadora).

  108. probably

  109. I just found the Hitotsu Yane no Shita 2 but anyone know where to download the full season 2's subtitles (except for this http://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=160264 coz there;s just subtitle of the first 3 episodes of 2nd ss)

    Thank you so much!!!


  110. Hi, I uploaded Tsumiki Kuzushi | 積木くずし ( 1983 ) RAW to MEGA.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  111. Hi, I uploaded Kitsui Yatsura | キツイ奴ら ( 1989 ) to MEGA.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  112. jdraclct, thank you very much!

  113. Hi, I uploaded Kisetsuhazure no Kaigan Monogatari | 季節はずれの海岸物語 01 ~ 14 to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  114. Thanks a lot, as always!

  115. Hi, I uploaded School Wars | スクール☆ウォーズ ( 1984 - 1985 ) to MEGA.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  116. Hi, I uploaded Atsuku Narumade Matte | 熱くなるまで待って!( 1987 )

    NY Koi Monogatari | ニューヨーク恋物語 ( 1988 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  117. jdraclct

    Fantastic! Thank for two Tamura Masakazu's doramas!

  118. Hi, I uploaded Tokiniwa Isshoni | 時にはいっしょに ( 1986 )

    AD Boogie | ADブギ ( 1991 ) to MEGA

    edited by xaxa: thank you very much!

  119. I also uploaded 17才 at seventeen ( 1994 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  120. Thx finally o found all good old doramas.

  121. @jdraclct

    Wow, it's like you copied my old WinMX incomplete folder. Hehe.

  122. Hi, I uploaded Amaenaideyo | あまえないでョ!( 1987 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  123. hey, i was wondering if you have old fns drama specials? one where katori shingo and inoue mao starred before? i think it was titled as tou-san/otou-san.

  124. @bakakkoii

    I found a Chinese hardsubbed MKV on Baidu. I also see it on Tudou.

  125. Hi, I uploaded Mamatte Kirei | ママって、きれい !? ( 1991 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  126. Does someone ever ordered from here: http://www.freewebs.com/japanesedoramadvd ?

  127. @ RetroHelix

    I got a couple of title of dvd's from them long time ago.

    And also I tried to order a year ago again, but no one responded to me.

    I really want "Kimi to Ita Natsu".

  128. @jdraclct

    I have the same problem. They just dont reply to my mail.

  129. Hi, I uploaded Fukigen na Kajitsu | 不機嫌な果実 ( 1997 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  130. Does anyone know where i can download kawa, itsuka umi e: muttsu no ai no monogatari? It was on DA once as a hardsubbed tvrip.

  131. @RetroHelix

    Don't know about the English hardsubbed version posted long ago on D-Addicts. But there is a RAW AVI version on Clubbox and a suppossedly Japanese/Chinese subbed version on Baidu.

  132. Yes I know about the RAW on clubbox (its another tvcapture) but I want it subbed :) Since the show was released on DVD I don't like the idea of sharing the clubbox raws.

  133. Hi, I uploaded Mrs. Cinderella | ミセスシンデレラ ( 1997 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  134. Hi! Anybody knows where I can find Damens Walker?

  135. Hi, I uploaded Papa wa Nenjuu Kurou suru | パパは年中苦労する ( 1988 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  136. Hi, I uploaded Shabon Dama | しゃぼん玉 ( 1991 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  137. This site is really great! There are so many good old dramas. I have been looking for 今夜、宇宙の片隅で(1998) and 家族ゲームII(1984)... Both of them are too rare too much...

  138. Hi, I uploaded Eve | イブ ( 1997 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  139. Any chance of getting a mega for the classic Nemureru Mori? Torrent was on daddicts but of course down now. Thanks xaxa!

  140. @salparadise

    made a post http://raredoramas.info/page/nemureru-mori-眠れる森-1998

  141. hello! I just want to ask

    do you have Hoken Chōsa-in Shigarami Tarō no Jikenbo and hitsuyo no nai hito and another Jun matsumoto is in that doramas but not the lead actor

  142. I don't

  143. @Andi

    You can find Hoken Chousain Shigarami Tarou no Jikenbo on Baidu. Looks to be an MKV with hardcoded Chinese subtitles though.


  144. So all dramas have deleted from Mega? This site is now dead?

  145. no, Mega is alive. Megaupload is dead.

  146. Hmmmm, it seems to me that all the Mega links on this site heve gone. For example, the links from this one:


    Try this one for example: http://adf.ly/1AQc3w

  147. you need to wait and skip the ad. please read this tutorial


  148. Oh yes, that is what I do. But still, I get no file. I have downloaded many files from here. But now they are all gone.

    Can you in fact still see Mega links from here and get them yourself? Did you try to do it today?

  149. http://free.arinco.org/storage/mega/


  150. Wozzy, yes, I can see the links, I've tried the link you mentioned and few others now and they all worked for me like always.

    dunno what's causing the problem. they've changed terms of service recently, maybe it has something to do with it... since Mega's performance varies for different users and I can't reproduce the error and can't tell what's the problem, I can only suggest to try a different browser (switch off adblock?) or to try later, sometimes Mega has temporary errors.

    btw, what happens when you click "skip ad"?

  151. Hi, I uploaded Shinkon Monogatari | 新婚物語 ( 1988 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  152. @xaxa

    Wow! This is so weird! I tried a different browser as you suggested, and it's all here for me now. BUT even more weird, now I try again in the first browser, and it's all back too. Seems I had some temporary block which somehow got cleared by trying the second browser.

    Thanks for patiently helping me through this, xaxa! I'm so happy to know it hasn't all been deleted!

  153. 親愛なる者へ(1992)があればいいのに...

  154. Uploaded Kimi no Hitomi wo Taihosuru | 君の瞳をタイホする!( 1988 ) to Mega.


  155. Hi, thank you for Bokura no Yuuki! Do u have Mukai Arata no Doubutsu Nikki? If not, do u know where can I find them? Thank you

  156. Wow great site

  157. Hi,

    It would be appreciated if you could find Hayate no yo-ni 疾風のように by Go Morita 森田剛 (1999).

    Thank you!

  158. I uploaded Renai Kekkon no Rule | 恋愛結婚の法則 ( 1999 ) to Mega.

    On the episode 01 at 22 minutes and 11 seconds the video skips forward a bit.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  159. Hi xaxa! Thank you so much for the effort in creating and maintaining this page :)

  160. Thanks a lot!

  161. Does anyone know where I can find Ryukyu no Kaze?

  162. Would you be able to re-upload Akuryo-to | Island of the Evil Spirits | 悪霊島 ? I am interested in watching it but the links are dead. Any download or stream would be appreciated.

  163. Does anyone have, Sweet Misfortunes(Hito no Fuko wa Mitsu no Aji)from 1994. It's about an aspiring manga artist that gets an apprenticeship with and a schooling from her idol manga-ka. I've been looking for it for ages. Thanks all for the years of work.

  164. Uploaded Dessin | デッサン(1997) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  165. Uploaded Netsuppoino! | 熱っぽいの! ( 1988 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  166. Uploaded MISS MATCH | 美穂と静香のクリスマススペシャル ミスマッチ to Mega.

    By the way I'm the one re-uploaded Akuryo-to (1981). I forgot to put my name on.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

    added credits to Akuryo-to

  167. does anyone have 59-banme no Proposal (2006), starring norika fujiwara and Jinnai Tomonori? It was tanpatsu though, just have 1 episode. Really appreciate if anyone can share it! This site is great btw, thanks!

  168. Uploaded 59th Proposal | 59番目のプロポーズ ( 2006 ) [Korean sub] to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  169. Uploaded Damens Walker | だめんず・うぉ〜か〜 ( 2006 )_Chinese sub to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  170. Uploaded Change! | チェンジ!( 1998 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  171. Uploaded Papa to Nacchan | パパとなっちゃん ( 1991 ) to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  172. Hi, thanks for this great. Does anyone know where I can find Akujo no Tsuite (TBS drama special) by Erika Sawajiri? I know it's not old (2012) but it really hard to find working links. Also, would love to see someone share Love Generation (1997) by Kimutaku and Takako Matsu. Thanks!

  173. Uploaded Pure Soul〜Kimi ga Boku wo Wasuretemo〜 | Pure Soul〜君が僕を忘れても〜 ( 2001 ) with Chinese sub to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

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